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Timbercity South Africa – a trusted brand

Since our formation in 1974, the name Timbercity has basically become synonymous with the timber and building material industries.  This should come as no surprise though, seeing as our well-trained staff goes about helping our customer base in a truly professional manner.  This being the case, Timbercity’s first and most important priority lies with supplying you as our customers with timber and other building material that are of an extremely high standard of quality.  This is in stark contrast to some of our industry competitors, seeing as their main focus has to do with generating huge sums of profits.  Although it is important to be profitable, Timbercity has come to the realization that we are much more respected if we do not place such a big emphasis on making money alone.

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Thus we believe that if our customers are truly satisfied with the quality of the products we supply to them, they will not mind paying us accordingly.  Seeing as we at Timbercity have over thirty years of experience in the timber and building material industries, we have subsequently come to know and understand the unique needs and wants of our customers.  As such, we apply a personal touch to your shopping experience every time you visit us at Timbercity.  Timbercity has subsequently become a brand within the timber and building material industries which you can truly trust and rely on.

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It is a fact that the building industry encompasses a wide variety of different concepts, ranging from drilling services to cutting, edging and machining of products to various DIY projects.  Thus no matter what your current building project entails, you can have the peace of mind knowing that Timbercity makes it possible for you to purchase everything you will possibly need at one store.  Due to the fact that the staff working at Timbercity also does renovations on a continuous basis, we know how frustrating it is when one has to drive around all over town to have timber and building needs fulfilled.

As such, conducting business with Timbercity means that you need not have to drive around to different suppliers to have all your timber and building needs fulfilled.  Timbercity has the premise of facilitating the building process for our customers by means of supplying everything you might possibly need during your building project.  However, this should come as no real surprise to you if you have conducted business with Timbercity previously.        

No matter where in South Africa you reside, you will find that a Timbercity outlet is located within your immediate vicinity.  Thus in contrast to some of our industry competitors who only cater to the needs of those people living in the cities, Timbercity franchises can also be found in various towns situated in the rural districts of the country.  This being the case, you should feel free to visit your nearest Timbercity outlet whenever you have needs related to timber and building materials.

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